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  Transition Coaching

  - devising leadership change


Transition coaching is all about accompanying you to successfully transition to a new leadership position. This may be a role change within the same company or an inter-company move to another country, or your return from abroad.


Goals you would like to attain as a leader…
  • Quickly and successfully fulfill your new executive role with effective support.
  • Increase awareness and get a clear understanding of the key issues in your new work environment.
  • Increase awareness of topics that are crucial for your leadership in the new area and its culture.
  • Develop new competencies, relationships and perspectives that enable you to respond to changed expectations, structures and strategies in the face of unclear positions and departmental restructuring.
  • Increased awareness of your own cultural background and your value system.
  • Increased sensitivity and understanding of intercultural differences.
  • A great starting point for a positive climate of change.
Who would benefit…

Executives at all levels and project managers about to take on a new position or leadership role, who are

  • transferring to a different functional area within the same company.
  • ascending the leadership hierarchy.
  • transferring internationally (both expatriates and inpatriates).
  • joining a new company, or for lateral entrants from other companies, a new industry.
Depending on your situation – this is what we actually do…
  • One on one coaching - time frame, and number of appointments by arrangement
  • A combination of one on one coaching and a workshop with the new team or department
A client case study
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