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Heidrun Winderl-Schanz
  • Managing Director winderl-schanz – Executive Coaching, Personal Change and Development, Training.
    Stuttgart, Germany and Melbourne, Australia.
  • Managing Director Work+Smile
  • Senior Consultant Organisational Development and Product Manager in HR,
    Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart – Executive Programme and Change (CIP).
  • Senior Consultant and Project Manager,
    Fraunhofer Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation (IAO), Stuttgart.
  • Master of Business Administration, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil,
    majored in Human Resources and Leadership.
  • Project Manager, Project Development with construction company Suter und Suter,
    Basel, Switzerland and Stuttgart.
  • Master of Architectural Engineering, Karlsruhe University, Germany,
    majored in Industrial/Office Constructions and International Team Work.
  • Psychology and Intercultural Communication,
    International Campus, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan.


Additional qualifications, and what makes me stand out…

12 years of cultural and country-specific experience as a result of living and working in Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Brazil and Australia.

  • Trained as a Systemic Consultant /Executive Coach (ISB, Wiesloch) with a specialised qualification in change and crisis coaching.
  • Certified as a Coach in Zurich Resource Model ZRM ® (Dr. Maja Storch, ISMZ Zurich)
  • Trained as a Communication Consultant under Professor Schulz von Thun and qualified to deploy his "Inner Team" model.
  • Trained as an Alexander Technique Instructor (ATVD Deutschland, AUSTAT Australia).
  • Additional fitness, health and Pilates training courses and qualifications.
  • TESOL Certificate – Training, Consulting, Coaching in English and German.

Having spent many years abroad on numerous occasions and in various different work environments, I am well aware of what it means to adjust to a change and to reintegrate into one's professional setting. As a result of my roles both, as a consultant and as an employee, I am accustomed to the task of providing consulting services to expatriates, inpatriates and executives in a new culture and position. My own experience, has intimately acquainted me with the areas of conflict, which executives may face in changing situations. I know too, how having "arrived" in a new workplace feels when done successfully; the feeling of finding balance in a challenging work environment while being personally present in the new leadership role.

winderl-schanz | Haidlenstr. 28 | 70597 Stuttgart | +49 711 518 77 997 | mail@winderl-schanz.de