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  Personal Presence and Vibrancy

  - embodying the leadership role


Goals you would like to attain as a leader…
  • A more clearly defined profile.
  • Consistently demonstrate integrity.
  • Calmly and courageously stand in the spotlight.
  • Elicit positive responses from audiences and staff members.
  • Animated speech, through deliberately using facial expressions, gestures and language.
  • Enhanced personal presence and charisma.
  • Present a persuasive stance in negotiations and discussions.
  • Clarity regarding your role and effect as a leader.
  • A clear understanding of the effect subconscious attitudes have on the way you present yourself and your poise.
Who would benefit…
  • Executives and senior managers
  • Experts, project managers
  • Individuals and groups of executives
  • Expatriates and inpatriates
Depending on your situation – this is what we actually do…
  • One on one coaching - time frame, and number of appointments by arrangement
  • A combination of individual and group coaching
  • Coaching within small fixed groups, with approx. 4-5 day sessions, over a given 12 month period
A client case study
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