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My consulting, coaching and seminars are customised focussing on available resources and solutions. They exemplify the systemic notion that elements within a system are interlinked and that events are related. In the consulting process and when designing training concepts, we look at these connections to get an idea of suitable interventions and content. My work starts with assessing your specific situation as an executive and/or expert within a company. Together we then formulate goals for your specific situation and work, in a solution-focussed manner, to develop strategies to realise them. Depending on the issues, I will apply the "Inner Team" concept as devised by Professor Schulz von Thun. The objective is to work together to comprehend your "inner world", and to generate a clear view of your professional situation. Taking into consideration your identity and your personal values and convictions, I will support you to broaden your range of abilities and competencies in an atmosphere of appreciation and respect.

Depending on the consulting and training situation, I may include a learning impetus that will enable you to become aware of, and make changes to, unconscious habits when dealing with yourself and your body, for instance in situations involving time-pressure and stress. Through deployment of the Alexander Technique, many obstacles in your professional development can be overcome.

My holistic view, my enthusiasm for what is possible and creativity are the hallmarks of my professional approach. In the seminars you can expect to work rigorously and diligently while having fun, including phases of relaxation and movement. It is important to me to create an appreciative and constructive consulting and training atmosphere.

How the Alexander Technique can support you…
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